Dream Giver

“We reap what we sow, and for those who trust in the Spirit, step out in Faith- even when stepping out is simply holding on to His promises when we cannot see clearly- for those of us who hold on and believe in His words, we will reap the blessings of our dreams fulfilled.

Sometimes the rain from stormy seasons are simply times that bring water to the seeds of hope we have buried within us… but as the sun comes after the rain, bringing it’s beautiful sign of promise, those dreams will slowly begin to break forth and sprout in it’s rays.

You will receive the sunshine and glory of seeing your dreams grow, but be patient with them, and enjoy them as they come. They may not come fast, but simply enjoy where you are in each day, each process and step of bringing your dream to life, and keep going. Soon time will pass and you will look back and really see the growth God has done in your dream by the end of the year, as it continues into the next.

God is not a DreamCatcher. He does not catch the bad dreams for us; but He believes in you, knowing that we are stronger than any darkness that comes against us, for His Spirit lives in you. He does not catch the bad dreams- but He releases the Good. He is the Dream Giver.”

Dream Giver

I wrote these words to illustrate an oil painting I did last year. These were the words I felt God speaking to my spirit as I painted.

This past year I hit a really rough season in life. As I lay on the ground of my little flat, I began to pray and ask God what he was doing/ or what was I doing here? At the time I was regretting a lot of things in life, and dwelling too much on the past. In that moment, I looked up at the Dream Giver, hanging above my sofa, and I felt comfort. At this same time I heard the song lyrics ‘Do you still wait for me Dream Giver, just around the river bend?’ (I was playing a random music playlist on my computer, and this song from Pocahontas just happened to be on in that moment.)

I began to cry. I had never heard these lyrics in the song, or have I ever heard anyone else call God the Dream Giver. It was a simple moment where I knew God was so much bigger than my circumstances, but also a reminder of the promise He spoke to me in the painting I was staring at… the Dream Giver. I was still going through my stormy season… but I would not let go of the seeds of hope in my heart. The sunshine was coming- even when I could not see, nor feel it.
I write this post several months later, to say the sunshine has broken through. I’m so thankful for holding on, but even more thankful for who I am becoming through it all- rain and shine.

I also wanted to write this post to lead into my next blog post, which I’ll share in a few days. But until then, no matter what season you find yourself in, hold on. The clouds will part, and the rain from the storm you’ve just come out of will be the very thing God uses to water those seeds of hope, to make way for your dreams fulfilled.

(A dream fulfilled is a tree of life. – Proverbs 13:12)


Sarah Camille SI

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