Provision is Already There

I woke up early this morning, unable to sleep, and as I rested in bed my mind drifted to an old journal I had, that I wanted to start writing in, but then remembered I had several drawings in it that I didn’t want to throw away. The first one being of a red robin (drawn in 2016).

God has always spoken to me through red birds. In the states, it was a red cardinal. They always appear for me in seasons where I’m about to step out in faith. The year before I moved to England, as I prepared for the move, a cardinal came to visit me every single day, sometimes several times a day (one time, I was even on the beach when one came and sat in the tree above my car).

Once I moved to England, my first year here (2013) I was always worried about finances. But the little red robin soon became my friend, as he replaced the cardinal, and would visit me in times of worry or doubt, mostly involving finances.

As these beautiful creatures became signs of provision to me more than anything, I realised several years later, Jesus also saw the birds as provision. God also spoke to him through their appearance, as reminders not to worry or be anxious.  He told his disciples to look at the birds, and see how God provides for them; and in this same way, we should trust God to provide for us, because we are far more valuable to our Creator. (Matthew 6:25)

This morning, after briefly reflecting on the red bird drawing from the old journal, I got up to make my coffee and started to think of September. Today was the last day of September, and all year I had been sure that September held something very significant in the terms of prosperity.  The reason the word prosperity always came to mind, was because at the start of this year, I really felt 2018 was one that would bring prosperity to many people.

As I looked at the date on the calendar, I said “God, where is prosperity for us?”. As soon as I asked this question, I turned around and grabbed my coffee mug, and facing the kitchen window I saw a red robin fly down and land on the rooftop in front of me. He started dancing, bobbing up and down, just happy to be alive in this new day.

I smiled in my heart, knowing this moment was special, so instead of rushing to sit down and have my coffee and journal, I just watched this little red robin dance for me out my window. I felt joy in the simplicity of this moment.

When the robin flew away, I then remembered the red robin sketch in the journal I was thinking about just moments earlier. So I fetched the journal and looked at the sketch I had made in 2016.


It didn’t read ‘Provision is coming’ like I remembered. Instead, it read ‘Provision is already there.’ As I thought of this, I thought of how thankful I was to be right where I am- in my flat, clothed, fed, and once again preparing to make a huge step of faith to go where we feel God calling us to be in 2019. I have to admit, I become anxious a lot about this, as our list of needs in this is very long. But I look at where I am, and where I have been, and all the countless times I’ve stepped out in faith when God calls to my spirit, and He has not failed me once.

To me, this is learning to fly; and when learning to fly, we must be willing to fall- to take all security of the nest out from underneath us, and trust that our wings of faith were given to us for a purpose. We were made to soar with wings like the eagle- the bird that flies higher than any other bird. (Isaiah 40)


So as your September comes to and end, and we step into October, join me in reflecting on what all we’ve been given. I see provision like a flowing river; a river where we learn to let go of things that once served us, to free our hands to catch and receive the next thing that drifts our way. Sometimes, it free’s our hands to release something God has put inside of us- a hidden talent- finding we held provision all along.

God is our river of life in which we were made to abide in, flowing in peace and trust by receiving and releasing what we need in it’s proper time.

Whatever your provision needs are right now, finances, situations, health… I pray you will be blessed in receiving all that you need in 2018. Keep an eye out for your own red bird in these next few months, and may they be a reminder that your provision is there.


Sarah Camille SI

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