Release the Lioness


As you call me to the edge of the water
I cannot run any longer
Like the tide to dark side of the moon,
It draws me, calling to my soul, pulling me to and fro…
I’ve been fighting it for far too long,
So in trusting the one within me, I let go.

I fall, like a child in my mother’s arms,
Her swell rises and takes me out to sea
Water fills my lungs and I drown in deeper love
Finding her light re-igniting within me

All that has been stolen and hidden away
Surfaces to shine again
Like crystals in a cave, they reflect her light within me
Taking me deeper – where I’ve never been

As diamonds continue to surface
This dark cave grows brighter with their shine
I explore this place within my soul
Re-discovering these beautiful treasures of mine.

Reflections of light dance in sensual femininity
That lead the way to something never meant to be tamed
Here I find my lioness, locked away
Trapped in her dark cage of shame.

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