Open Doors

Open Doors was painted at the start of 2015. 2014 had just finished, and it was a year where I saw a red cardinal (or several) on almost every day of the year. This little sign of the cardinal appearing in my life alway came when I was having thoughts or worries about provision. I knew God was calling me to a big move in 2015, but throughout 2014 I had no idea how I would be able to do this. However, I said yes- and the doors began to open in crazy ways.
It continued in 2015, as I watched the sun rise over the shoreline of the ocean. After asking God if He would continue to show me cardinals this year, I went back to my car parked along the beach and heard the red birds little chirp. There is was, sitting in the tree directly over my car- on the beach of all places.

Open Doors was one of my first paintings of this year, and this is why the red bird is seen in it. But there is a much deeper meaning behind this painting that I didn’t know existed when I painted it, for the story was just beginning.

Open Doors – Acrylic

As I painted this, I was in the process of selling most of my belongings and moving to the UK. I had been offered an internship at a church in Manchester, and was very excited about the move, not knowing what would happen in my future.

On my last trip to the UK, I met a guy who was a musical composer, who made his compositions the same way I paint- by tuning into God and letting Him flow out from the talent he held. I didn’t know this guy very well at the time, but we had emailed a few times and I loved his compositions.

I decided I wanted to created an art piece while listening to this new friend’s soundtracks, so I put his songs on while I began to paint- not knowing what would come out. After a several days, this painting was born, and I called it ‘Open Doors’. (The little hidden door in this painting was the very last thing I saw, and what finished the piece.)


There was a poem that overflowed from this painting, called The Beloved.
The poem ties together two of my paintings- Open Doors, and Walking on Water (shown below the poem), which was painted at the start of 2014 when I first heard God tell me I would be moving to England. Open Doors was the end of that time of preparation, as it was painted a few weeks before the big move in March of 2015.


Tired of the waiting
The longing in her heart,
The promise of His call,
The knowing of her future.
Although she cannot see how
She knows he will take her there.

Time arrives like the dawn
The hope of what will be
The beginning – The Journey
Unfolding before her eyes.
In the wind he calls to her
His beloved, His bride to be…
‘Come Away with Me’

Stepping into the unknown
On a path undiscovered
She cannot see the way
But with her heart, she knows where to go.
As passion leads her to his call
Her soul cries back for her Creator,
And her faith leads her on

Into the midst, she looses everything
Leaving it all behind.
The truth speaks to her from within
As she follows the still small voice inside.
Feeling the pain of loss, but never looking back
She makes her way closer to Him.

Desire is growing as she follows His call
The cry of her own heart leading her on
Deeper into unknown places
His light guides her way
Her faith growing, even as the forest thickens,
All seems lost- still, she knows the way

‘Come away with me my love’
His voice leading her further still
Through the way of open doors
Where she is consumed by the arms of love;
discovering more of who she truly is…
The Beloved.

“My beloved spoke to me and said, ‘Arise my darling, my beautiful one, come away with me…'”
– Song of Songs 2:10

Walking on Water – Watercolor & Acrylic


To finish my story, and shorten it as much as possible-
Provision came, and I moved across the Ocean to a new land. That friend who created the music I played while painting Open Doors, is now my wonderfully talented husband- my Beloved. We were married in August of 2016. (Click on MUSIC in the menu of my website to hear his compositions).


Although the originals of these two paintings have sold, signed prints of these are still my most popular sales. I realised that I never shared the full story behind them, for I didn’t know the full story when the paintings were completed.

When we step out in Faith, and respond to his call, we can trust that the unfolding story that we cannot see ahead of us, (even if it takes years to see), is much bigger and better than we could ever dream on our own.


Love always,
Sarah Camille SI

**Signed Prints of these paintings, with the poem, can be found by clicking the pictures below.

1920208_351423531708499_7664818659538891826_n  opendoors8x10  16835930_640541609463355_5306874459334284668_o

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