Rebuilding the Ancient Ruins

Last week, I sold one of my original paintings titled ‘Into the Ruins’. I remember painting this art piece in Charleston, South Carolina, in a season where God was speaking to me through a verse in Isaiah 61, verse 4. Reading this verse, I felt God speaking to me personally about the heart. I heard Him saying:

You shall rebuild the ancient ruins; I will raise up the former devastations; We will repair the ruined cities- the devastations of many generations.

In painting this, I knew those words were a promise from God. I was going through a ministry school at the time that was dealing with deep wounds from the past, and I knew these words from God were speaking to me about the pain of resurfacing these wounds, these ancient ruins of my heart, to heal and restore them.


This is why I painted this piece to look like it is in the deep- and what deeper place could I imagine than the depth of the unexplored ocean of this beautiful world that He created.

When this painting sold last week, I knew it was His perfect timing to bring this painting back into my hands, to ship to it’s new home. Things have been resurfacing again, and not only for myself as many of us seem to be in a season of transition this year. In this transition, I feel God is allowing things to surface to restore even deeper ‘ruins’ within our heart, to prepare us for the prosperity He has for us in the seasons ahead.

I went to church yesterday (5 days after selling this painting), and the message ended with the reading of Isaiah 61:4. I love how God’s timing is perfect in every way- and as He speaks to one of us, His message translates into what He is doing in the lives of all of us.

Don’t be afraid to go back to your ruins. Those former devastations, even of past generations. In the hands of God there is always healing to be found. Healing is a process, and as we heal, we restore our hearts a little more, back to the way He designed it to be.  In this restoration, we can step out in more freedom, into those new doors He opens before us, with one less thing holding us back.

Signed prints of this painting can be ordered here.


Sarah Camille SI

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