I was processing my feelings last week, when I felt God speaking to me through colors. I heard him tell me that some yellows are meant to meet blue, not to be blue, but because those colors are called to be green- and yet there are thousands of shades of green. But not all yellows are made this way, or we would loose all the wonderful shades of yellow completely. If God is pure in his White color, and we are made in his image, yet broken from the fall of man, then we are reflections of him, beautifully displayed as we come together as a vibrant rainbow of diversity, yet all a part of who He is.

As I wrote these thoughts down, and pondered over them for a few days, I felt a poem arising out of this, and wrote it down…


I usually write my poems after a painting, but this one came before my painting (or so I thought). The past few days I’ve been working on this painting to illustrate the blend of yellow and blue to become green- but also the pure white to illustrate Christ through it all- my foundation, my vine, the one in whom I discover love, light, and who He has made me to be.


As I painted this canvas, I saw a painting on my wall from several years ago, and it was exactly what God was speaking to me now. (So maybe the painting did come before the poem). This painting is titled ‘Heaven’s Embrace’.


This inspired the image of Christ embracing the girl at the bottom of my most recent oil painting, which you see above Heaven’s Embrace.

I am titling this new painting ‘Intwined’, and both are now listed for sale on my art shop.

I hope these words bless you, no matter what color you are finding in yourself today- Let his light shine through you, and be the vibrant color God created you to be.


Sarah Camille SI

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