Under the Sun

I found an old painting in my mother’s house this week. This painting, ‘Daughter’, was lost but not forgotten, as it has been featured in my first book, Kisses of Eden- Poetry, Paintings, and Spirituality. I’ve always wanted to find this painting so I could make prints, and this week I have.

God’s timing is always so perfect, and I knew re-finding this painting in this time meant something. When I painted this piece in 2014, I was in the process of going through a big transition. I wrote the poem a year or so later, to illustrate the meaning behind the painting, tying in my past and things that had been stirred up within me from circumstances around me; Those situations being blessings in disguise- or just God’s redeeming way of using bad/difficult situations for our good.

Ecclesiastes says “What has been, will be again, and what has been done will be done again; There is nothing new under the sun.” (1:9)

Like in nature, seasons always come back around. Here I’m finding myself in another time of transition, and finding this old painting lead me to re-reading it’s poem. Like myself, I feel many of us are walking through seasons of transitioning. Maybe it’s in our lives or our circumstances, or as big as moving to a whole new place. Maybe you’ve just walked away from a very toxic relationship, or damaging circumstance that has been in your life. For those of you who resonates with being in a season such as this, I hope this poem blesses you with the faith to rise, to believe in who you are and walk boldly out of that cage of shame, and into the unknown that God is calling you into- Freedom.
Arise, sons and daughters of the Great I AM; His Spirit lives in You.


The Daughter

She awakens
Covered in the ash of lies
Burned through the fire
Beaten, but not destroyed
Broken, but not beyond repair
The heart cries- Who am I?

Lost in deep reflection
Who she is, she doesn’t fully know
But the burn from the fire lingers
In the thoughts that poison her mind-
The painful memories of past mistakes
Trying to keep her locked in a cage of shame

But she rises.
Choosing to believe again
When all is lost and left unknown
Her cry screams out from within-
There must be more.

In that moment,
An echo heard upon the wind
There is more-
So much more.
This, my darling, is not the end.

She turns-
Facing into the unknown
An unlocked door to a whole new beginning
Ready to find herself again,
and Embracing the discovery set before her.

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