I was recently looking at an older painting of mine that I created in 2017 called Trifid Tree. This painting was actually inspired by a nebula that I had seen on Nasa’s website called the Trifid Nebula. Trifid is latin for ‘split into three parts’.

I love almost anything to do with space, and the beauty that the planets and nebulas hold just make me marvel even more and the glory of our Creator.

Trifid Nebula

From this nebula, I started painting what I saw, and it came into a tree. This was in 2017, and as I finished this oil painting, created with a lot of texture and paint, I felt God speaking to me of the Tree of Life. For me, this tree is Christ, and from abiding in this tree, we live from the trinity of God, woven together in spirit.

Trifid Tree Painting

As God has been speaking to me about roots and soil (my last blog post on this word can be found here), I was looking at this painting one night in my living room, and could see a lion head in the tree’s leaves, and a person in the tree itself. I felt this was something I needed to bring forth from this painting, because I could see it so clearly.

So I sat down and sketched what I saw with colored pencil, and then began to paint over it with my acrylic paints.

2017 was a big year for me. Personally it was the start of what I feel has been a long season of holding onto hope in many areas of life. God was reminding me of this as I painted what I felt was now being birthed from that long season that I finally feel I’m emerging from- like a butterfly leaving it’s dark cocoon, realizing once again who she is, and finally understanding the full blessing that God gave her through her own season of darkness.

So here is my latest painting, as the spirit emerges from the Trifid Tree, like the butterfly, she discovers once again who she is, and who her Creator made her to be. This painting is now titled ‘Metamorphosis’.

Metamorphosis – 16×20″


In my fear you tell me to rest
For you’ve called my feet to this place
Surrounded by the dark, I trust your process
Even when I can no longer see your face

Another storm rumbles, shaking the earth
As I remain blind from lack of light
Here I stay low – stay connected
Finding your presence when I don’t have sight

Pressure increases until something breaks within me-
A bright flash of lightning streaks across the air
In the moment of a gasping breath, I realize
Who I am, and why you’ve called me here

Breaking forth in a thunderous roar
Free from the shell surrounding me
My sight is restored as I finally see
Shining from the light of my full identity

Ceasing the storm, I rise once more
Thankful for it all, with eyes lifted high
Now hearing you call to me once again-
And in one leap, I take off to the sky.



Original painting is currently for sale at $125; Prints start at $10 and will be on my art shop after August 24th.






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