Kisses of Eden

As a prophetic artist, these moments in painting, creating, or writing, where I feel the Spirit speaking through my soul, are moments I call Kisses of Eden.
A kiss, which says so much of love and intimacy without a single spoken word- and Eden, that place where we dwell in wholeness with our creator, unified to this beautiful earth He created for us to live.

Kisses of Eden has become the name of my first published book of art and poems, and also exists as my brand name for my artwork and one-of-a-kind jewelry designs, which you can find in the link below.

Signed Prints and Original Artwork 

Visit my art shop to buy signed prints of my paintings. Each purchase comes with the poem or meaning that I felt while painting the original (You can find the poems or verses in the description of each listing).

For original paintings and works of art, click here.


Jewelry – My ‘Wearable’ Works of Art

I create my jewelry specifically to be one of a kind, to adorn God’s temple- YOU.

By creating each piece to be one of a kind, my hope is to remind the wearer that they too, are handmade- created beautifully, and wonderfully one of a kind in so many ways. They are not made to be like anyone else, and in loving and appreciating all of who they are, they shine a masterpiece of God to the world. You are a work of art in yourself.

Click here to find all of my one of a kind, handmade jewelry for sale.

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A lot of my jewelry features gemstones that I find on my travels. I love using gemstones because they are a rare, beautiful pieces of God’s creation, that I am able to combine with my own. Other jewelry designs feature my own artwork, so you can hold it’s meaning close to your heart.

Take a look at my shop and see what speaks to you. One of the things I love about creating art is you don’t always need to purchase it to receive something from it. I hope you see something that inspires you, brings you hope if hope is needed, or maybe ignites a new dream within your heart.

Much love,

Sarah Camille SI


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